Диалоги на английском

-How was your trip to Italy, Lisa?

— Oh, it was wonderful! I wish I could go back to Rome. It’s literally one of the most beautiful places that I’ve ever seen! -And what about the food? Have you managed to try real Italian food? -You know, I stayed with my aunt. Hardly had I got to Rome,when she began treated me to various delicious dishes like Consommé, Steak and kidney pie, different salads with asparagus and aubergine, cauliflower and celery and so on.

-Oh I remember your aunt she is an Egghead and likes to add various berries to her dishes , such as rowan , mulberry, cranberry, cranberry and strawberry .

-Oh, it’s so sweet you remember! And you are absolutely right. She made so many tasty pies with these berries for me.

-The other day I asked my brother to make a pizza but he is a coach potato , by the way I heard that Italians do not like pizza with pineapples is this really true?

-That’s so true! They prefer pizza with savoury filling, though I should say that even though Italy is considered the homeland of pizza the Italians themselves rarely eat it. They adore seafood!

— I wonder what Italians prefer to drink ?

-They care for different freshly squeezed juices from melon, water-melon, orange or pear. And in the morning they drink just coffee.

-Oh I know a man who is really big cheese, he has his own restaurant and last year he treated us to a cocktail of ginger and hot pepper . The taste is unforgettable and very unusual.

— Sounds very tempting. What about going and drinking this cocktail again?

— Great idea ! This restaurant is just round the corner. Let’s go.

— You are so top banana!!We will be there in no time.

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