My Summer Holidays

Summer holidays are the longest of all the other holidays. I like summer holidays because I have a lot of free time. It is a great pleasure to have a rest after a whole year of hard work or study.

I spent June in the country where my grandparents live. I helped them to work in the vegetable garden. There are many apple trees and cherry trees in our garden. So we often have a lot of apples and cherries when it is summer. There is also a river not far from our house. Every day I swam, lay in the sun and played with my friends on the bank of the river. Sometimes we went fishing.

In July I went to the summer camp. There was a big swimming-pool! So we had happy time at the camp. In the afternoon we played different games, swam in the swimming-pool and listened to the music. There was a forest not far from our camp and we often went there to pick up berries, such as raspberries, strawberries, red bilberries. In the afternoon we watched TV, read books and magazines. In the evening we danced and went for a walk.

Sea and sunshine that is what all people look forward to every summer. That’s why I spent last August at the seaside together with my parents. We went to Sochi. There were many sights in that town. I liked to spend a lot of time on the beach swimming in the Black Sea, lying in the sun to get a tan, playing different games. I had a wonderful time. We lived there for about two weeks and did not even notice when it was time to return home. That was a wonderful rest.

I returned back home at the middle of August. I met my friends and prepared for a new school year.

I like summer and I liked my summer holidays very much!

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